Awareness Week Proclamations


CHD Awareness Week is always the week of February 7-14, and we need your help receiving Proclamations from your city/state. What is a Proclamation? A Proclamation is an official public announcement. Wouldn’t it be great if CHD Awareness Week would be publicly announced in your city/state? You do not need to be a CHD family to receive a Proclamation, anyone can do it! Here are the easy steps it takes to ask your elected officials to proclaim CHD Awareness Week in your city/state:

  1. Use this sample letter. Feel free to change it as you see fit.
  2. Copy and past the following Proclamation into a Word document or email, make the changes noted.
  3. Email or mail the elected official in your state/city the letter and Proclamation in December of January.
  4. Done!

Be sure to find out when your monthly council meetings are held for your area as you will want to get your proclamation to them before the meeting in January! You should then hear from your elected official either before or after the meeting.

After you receive your Proclamation be sure to email a picture of it to as Lasting Imprint will be show casing them on our Facebook page! If you have any questions about writing your Proclamation or would like Lasting Imprint to submit your Proclamation for you, you can email us at the address above. Thank you for your help in raising awareness about Congenital Heart Defects!